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PS Fall Ball League has a 15 league game schedule, beginning the first week of September. Each team will play a weekday game and a weekend double header every week. League play is over the span of 5 weeks. In the sixth week all rain outs will be made up. Dates not used for make ups will be league wide practices with local college coaches. Each weekday game will have a monitor at the game with a college background. At the conclusion of the practice week PS Fall Ball will have a league wide combine for colleges. The seventh week is the league tournament. The top Mixed teams will go into the combination Varsity tournament between the two sites. The rest will enter the JV combination tournament. Champions will be crowned.

The PS Fall Ball League is for High School players only. Teams register as a group. If an individual player is looking for a team please email early and we will get your information out to a participating team.

PSCL Baseball will do all the scheduling, cover officials, weekday fields, monitors, run the combine, league tournament, practice week and Prospect games. Teams need to provide a weekend field and baseballs. We can work with some teams that cannot provide a weekend field having them as a weekend visiting team. PSCL Baseball can also get baseballs at a low cost if a team needs game or practice balls.

Cost: $2000 a team. Includes; 15 league games, league tournament, weekday fields, umpires, monitors, combine, practices and prospect games. Average teams have 14 players, works out to less $150 per player. Teams usually charge $175-$225 to cover for balls, gear and coaches.

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To register or for questions please email: Matt Acker, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .