PSCL/Lefties Camps are about Development. The game of baseball is FUN but it is built around failure.  That negative gives us an opportunity to teach how to overcome it.  How to get back up, train better, be smarter and communicate more effectively.  We are about developing at all phases associated with baseball.  We are training all aspects on the field, operations, managing and officiating.  The environment is conducive to learning and the further progression of each individual's growth in baseball and life

  • Puget Sound Collegiate League coaches & players will coach
  • Utilizing the college coaches allows us to challenge each individual ability level
  • We will be using multiple fields at the same time. Allowing us to move players to the appropriate field for the skills being focused on for that game.
  • We encourage your feedback and ideas. We want to get to know the youth coaches, players, and baseball leagues in the area.
  • PSCL Camps uses collegiate coaches and players from the college league to instruct at their camps. We believe in a low coaches-to-camper ratio.
  • New coaches will rotate through the program to ensure players are getting information in different ways
  • Walk-Ups welcome!

Camp Registration

Camp Dates

Each camp runs independently

**$10 Per Session**


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