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The PSCL Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Schedule and Price Structure is now out for Summer 2014! Scott Colby, M.A., C.S.C.S. and Instructor at McKendree University, will be back this summer as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the PSCL, and will be facilitating the Baseball Combine as well as all S&C Activities. PSCL Interns will help facilitate S&C Activities.

PSCL’s D-SPaR-T (Dynamic-Speed Power and Reaction-Time) Program is the suggested S&C option for our PSCL Athletes. The D-SPaR-T Program consists of a 6 week training cycle and is primarily based on power and power-endurance exercises within a 60 minute, supervised workout. It is suggested that athletes supplement D-SPaR-T Workouts with a traditional weight training approach to circuit training to enhance joint stability as well as base strength. A Feet-To-Fingertip Broken Circuit Training Program and a Nutritional Packet will be provided for any and all athletes who attend D-SPaR-T Workouts.

A specialized option is available for pitchers. The Pitcher Program (with D-SPaR-T Workout integration based on a starter/relief pitcher throwing rotation) is available on an individual basis per athlete. Athletes who chose the Pitcher Program will be provided with an S&C Coach Introductory Session as well as email consultation throughout the season. The Pitcher Program includes suggested bullpen routines that incorporate best practices from some of the leading authorities in the world of throwing and pitching.

The following is the S&C D-SPaR-T Schedule and S&C Price Structure. Please note that while we could charge over $50/hour as the going rate for training facilitated by a CSCS, we chose to make our prices affordable in order to make quality training available for the baseball player on a college budget!

S&C Schedule:

June T Th Sat Sun

Week 1 1*

Week 2 7

Week 3 10 12

Week 4 17 19 22

Week 5 24 26


Week 6 1 3 5

Week 7 8 10

Week 8 15 17

Week 9 22 24 26*

Week 10

*denotes Pre-Season & Post-Season Combine Testing

**T/Th group staggered start times are 2:00pm/2:20pm/2:40pm and Sat/Sun times are 9:00am/9:20am/9:40am

***All workouts will be held at the RAC

S&C Prices:

D-SPaR-T Workouts (w/Dynamic Warm-Up Hand-Out, Circuit Training Hand-Out & Nutritional Packet)




$1,000/team (team workouts can be arranged, but are subject to availability and schedule)

Pitching Program

$120/summer (includes Pitching Rotation Schedule, D-SPaR-T Workouts, Dynamic Warm-Up Hand-Out, Circuit Training Hand-Out, & Nutritional Packet)

For more information or to sign-up today, contact: Scott Colby at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it