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The Puget Sound Collegiate League (PSCL) was started in 2010 to meet the need and demand for collegiate baseball options for players in the summer, especially those that live in the Pacific Northwest. Born from one feeder team - the Tacoma Cardinals in 2006, and followed by the Olympia Athletics in 2007 - the Puget Sound Collegiate League opened with six teams in June of 2010.

Players will have a chance to play; we are a developmental league.  Games will be played in the evenings Monday-Thursday and on weekends for seven weeks starting at the beginning of June. The PSCL encourages student-athletes to continue going to school in the summer and also provides numerous opportunities to earn money while learning more about the game and giving back to the game by; instructing in camps, coaching youth league teams and monitoring during youth tournaments and umpiring youth games. To play in the PSCL a player must be on a college roster, be signed to a college, have a recommendation from a college coach or have had a workout from a PSCL coach.

The mission of the league is based around development to help players, coaches, and umpires develop their skills. Players will have ample opportunities to get at bats and innings pitched, and will be put in a variety of different baseball situations. All head coaches have college coaching experience or have played at a high level of collegiate baseball or played professionally. Assistant coaches are current college coaches or are former players who are trying to get their start in the baseball coaching profession.  In the spring of 2012 the PSCL started its own umpire association to start developing talented, enthusiastic amateur umpires. They currently have high school and college contracts in Western Washington. (for more info. go here).

The home facility for the league is the nationally recognized and centrally located Regional Athletic Complex in Lacey, Wash. The facility has one turfed infield baseball diamond, surrounded by four softball fields. In 2011 the PSCL began using Saint Martin's University for some of their home games as well.

This summer (2013) marks the fourth year of the league. There are six teams and the quality of player has steadily improved as the league has become more recognized. The Thurston County Senators are a semi-pro team affiliated with the PSCL that has former and current PSCL players on its roster.  The Senators play non-league games against Pacific International League and West Coast League teams. They also play in the Kelowna, Kamloops and Grand Forks Invitational tournaments in Canada. Senators are comprised of recent grads assisting in the PSCL, ex-pro players and the top players in the PSCL. The Senator roster is revolving, giving an opportunity to PSCL players to compete to play on this team.

Each team will play 30 league games at the RAC in the months of June and July. At the conclusion of the league season all teams will be in a double elimination league tournament to crown the Champions. Cost to play is $600, no added cost. PSCL will provide each player with a jersey which they return and a hat that they keep. A $200 deposit reserved a spot in the PSCL, the remainder is due prior to playing. Work opportunities are provided for players in need and player who are interested in coaching or officiating. Pants are provided by the player and color determined by the head coach. Stats will be kept for the season, a PDF of the players spray chart and pitching charts will be made available to the players’ college coach and the player at the completion of the season. Stats will be updated weekly. Live game updates will be on Twitter, post-game highlights/pictures will be on Facebook and the league website. A league official will be on-sight at every game.


Past Champions
Champions Nisqually Silvers-Head Coach Will Loza
Runner Ups Tumwater Brewers-Head Coach Abe Lupkin
Champions Nisqually Silvers-Head Coach Matt Cartwright
Runner Ups West Olympia Linx-Head Coach Shon Schreiber
Champions West Olympia Linx-Head Coach Shon Schreiber
Runner Ups Tumwater Brewers-Head Coach Abe Lupkin
Champions Olympia Athletics-Head Coach Keegan Acker
Runner Ups Hawk's Prairie Cardinals-Head Coach Scott Colby
Champions Hawk's Prairie Cardinals-Head Coach Shane Schoeneberg
Runner Ups Olympia Athletics-Head Coach Kenny Parker
Champions Hawk's Prairie Cardinals-Head Coach Joe Dominiak
Runner Ups Lacey Saints-Head Coach Rich Heaton