Tournament Rules PDF 

PSCL General Tournament Rules


Field Size:

10U: 60ft Bases 46ft pitching mounds (Field 1-4)

12U: 70ft Bases 50ft pitching mounds (Fields 1-4)

13U: 80ft Bases 54ft pitching mounds (Fields 1-4)

15-18U 90ft Bases 60'6 Pitching Mound



10U, 12U & 13U Fields 1-4 No metal cleats

15-18U Field 5 No metal cleats


Time restrictions will not be ammended for shoe changing..


Bats: 12-13U (2 ¾” Diameter – no weight restrictions)

15-18U (2 ¾” Diameter with 3 weight ratio)


Batting Helmet: A full use batting helmet, which cover the entire head must be worn at all times at bat and on base.


Catcher's Gear: The catcher must wear all protective gear including helmet/mask, shin guards, chest protector, cup, and throat guard.


Use of the Park: Teams may warm-up in the outfield grass before their game if time permits. Formal infield/outfield is not allowed prior to the game. Soft-toss into the chain link fence is NOT allowed.


Game Rules: Tournament is governed by NCAA rulebook (2011). Local rule exceptions are stated below or will be stated at home plate conference. Coaches are expected to keep rosters and proof of age for all players listed on their roster.

-Age cute off April 30th of current season.


General Rules: 10U & 12U Cal Ripken rules.


13U will be played on 80 ft bases and 54 ft pitching distance with leading off, stealing, and dropped 3rd strike. 14U will be played on 90 ft bases and 60'6” pitching distance, with leading off, stealing, and dropped 3rd strike.


If a runner attempting to reach a base intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of that base, he will be called out and ejected from the game. This is judged by the umpire and it is final! Players return to the base last touched at the time of the collision.


Courtesy runners will be allowed for the current pitcher and catcher only (at any time/Mandatory with 2 outs). The courtesy runner will be someone not currently in the game OR if the team has no players on the bench, the courtesy runner will be the last recorded out. Re-entry status shall not be affected when using a courtesy runner.


An intentional walk may take place by announcement by the coach, catcher, and/or pitcher.


Seeding/Tiebreakers: (shown in the following order)

  1. Win / Loss Record

  2. Head to Head (For 2 teams being tied only. If 3 teams or more have the same record, omit and move to next step)

  3. Runs allowed

  4. Run differential

  5. Runs scored

  6. Coin toss


Starting and Ending the Game: A coin flip between the two managers, 20 mins prior to the game at pre-game meeting, will determine home team for pool games. The team traveling the farthest shall call the toss or defer to the opposing manager. There is no distinction between “Home” and Visitor” dugouts. The choice of dugouts will be on first-come basis. All teams must pick up rash and debris following completion of their game. Higher seeds will have the option of home or visitor in bracket play.


Ties and Extra Innings: A game that is tied at the end of 6 or 7 innings, depending on age, or time has expired, the PSCL tie-breaker system will be ued to declare a winner (exception – semi-finals and finals). That means, the bases will be loaded with one out, three base runners will be the last three hitters from the previous inning.


Weather: A game shall be ruled official and complete if umpire or Tournament Director calls it, due to rain, inclement weather or other reason beyond our control, provided 3 innings have been completed (12U - 4 Innings will be for 13U-18U). If 3 innings have not been completed, the game shall b e suspended and resumed from that point when safe play can be resumed. Weather altered schedules will be posted on the website and Facebook as soon as possible.


Mercy Rules: 12 runs after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5.


Batting: Teams may bat 9 players, 10 players with extra hitter, or their entire line-up. You may not, for example, bat 11 of your 13 batters. Designated Hitter is also allowed.


Umpires: The umpires will settle all problems on the field at the time of dispute. Protests must be declared to the Umpire before the next pitch is delivered. No protests will be allowed following the game. The Tournament Director and Umpire-in-Cheif will rule on all protests and their decisions are final.


Sportsmanship: All players, coaches and fans will be expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Razzing, heckling, taunting, and making disparaging remarks to the opposing team and umpires will not be tolerated. Any player, coach or fan whose conduct is unbecoming or abusive will, at a minimum, be removed from the premises at the discretion of the Tournament Director, Umpire, or RAC officials. Any Player ejected from the game will miss the remainder of the game, plus the next game. If the same player is ejected for a 2nd time, he or she, is suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the game. Any Coach or Fan ejected from the game will not be permitted back into the tournament without first having a meeting with the Tournament Director, his decision is final.


We understand that weather is always an issue in the Pacific Northwest. We have a refund policy at PSCL Tournaments.

3 Game Garantee Tournaments
·         Play 1 game---50% credit or refund
·         Play 2 games---$100 Refund (Except Kick-Off Classic No Refund)

4 Game Garantee Tournaments
·         Play 1 game---70% credit or refund
·         Play 2 games---35% credit or refund
·         Play 3 games----$100 Refund (Exception Kick-Off Classic No refund)

5 Game Garantee Tournaments
·         Play 1 game---80% credit or refund
·         Play 2 games---60% credit or refund
·         Play 3 games---35% credit or refund
·         Play 4 games---$100 Refund