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The PSCL is going to have a weekly recap including some of our players own thoughts and experiences written by them. Ryan Olson, a pitcher Pierce Community College, has volunteered his services. This summer he is throwing for the Olympia A’s. Ryan graduated from Gig Harbor High School in 2011 and was a freshman at Pierce College this past year. He plans on majoring in English and getting a minor in Business.


The Olson Update

Season Wrap Up

The summer season of the PSCL has come to an end; and with it the Olympia Athletics were crowned the league champions. The Athletics lost their first game of the playoffs against the Hawks Prairie Cardinals, but wound up winning out to get to the championship game. They then faced the two-time defending PSCL Champions, the Hawks Prairie Cardinals having to beat them twice games. The A’s knocked off the previous Champs to take home the title. The post season saw a lot of phenomenal baseball happen but in the end only one prevailed as the Champion.

Now that the league has ended, the players must say their goodbyes to their teammates until they face them in this upcoming season or don’t see them again at all. I met a lot of great ball players and even better people during this summer with the PSCL. Even though I might not see some of these players again, like many have done, I have found ways to communicate to those players that live out of state, or even just a few hours away so that possibly in the near future we can meet up. I can say I have made some life-long friends. That was one of the greatest parts about the PSCL, getting to meet new people and build new friendships. All I know is that I was very honored and privileged to play alongside my Athletics teammates this summer.

My teammates aren’t the only ones I will miss now that the season is over. I really appreciate my coaches Keegan Acker and Adam Johnson. They gave all of us support and let us to play the game our way once the season got under way. Each player on my team I am sure can say they learned at least one thing this summer from them that will help better them as players. And I am sure that is how the rest of the teams feel as well.

On behalf of all the players and parents, I would like to formally thank each and every coach for taking the time out of the summer schedules to come out and work with the players. It was very much appreciated and it was you all that made this summer go so smoothly and make it as fun as it was.

Also I would like to formally thank Matt Acker and Spencer Stark for putting this league together for the players to get a chance to play summer ball against some very good opponents to push ourselves to be the best. This was easily the most fun I have ever had in a summer of playing baseball and I am very excited to come back next summer to continue playing for the PSCL. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

-Ryan Olson

Olympia Athletics PSCL Champs 2012



The Olson Update Week 5

The 5th week of the PSCL has been completed today, almost half way through an incredible summer. This week I thought we could do these a little different and talk just about the best games for each individual team, pitching wise and hitting wise over this past week.

First I will talk about the Olympia Athletics; easily their best pitching performance of this past week came from the tiny-but-lethal Roderick Fields, who pitched a seemingly perfect 6 innings in the game on Thursday versus the Hawks Prairie Cardinals. Over the first six innings, Rodger (as the A’s called him), gave up only 1 hit while keeping the Cardinal hitters off balance with his dirty pitching style, in the 7th, after a few small blooper hits, the Cardinals were able to scratch across 2 runs against Rodger but even with those two runs given up, I can honestly say that it was one of the better pitching performances I had witnessed this entire summer. The best hitting game for the Athletics came in the second game of the double header against the West Olympia Linxs on Saturday where the Athletics found their stroke and put up an impressive 11 runs, allowing seven of the Athletics’ to cross the plate over the course of the game.

The Hawks Prairie Cardinal’s best pitching out of the week came from Shimpie Sato, who pitched 5 shutout innings against the Nisqually Silvers on Sunday. Sato had five strike outs, gave up three hits and two walks in the outing. They also had their best hitting performance during their game against the Silvers as well, as they put up 11 hits and 6 runs as a team to take the victory against the Silvers.

The Tumwater Brewers best pitching outing of the week came in their first game against the Lacey Saints on Saturday as the Brewers pitching staff shut down the red hot Saints offense by only giving up 1 run in the game. The pitchers who accomplished that were Devin Smith, Tony LaDue, Patrick Fabrizio, and Cole Pittman. The Brewer’s best hitting game was in their second game against the Hawks Prairie Cardinals last Monday where their hitters scrounged up 8 hits and 9 walks while getting 7 runs scored.

The Nisqually Silvers best pitching performance of the week was on Tuesday against the West Olympia Linxs as the Silvers kept their opponent off the board until the sudden death extra inning. Ryan Taylor went 6 innings of shutout pitching getting 5 strikeouts, 3 hits and 2 walks. Followed up by Anthony Kuntz and Ian Buckles who continued the shutout until the sudden death, combined they had 3 strikeouts, 4 hits and 4 walks. The Silvers best hitting day was against the Hawks Prairie Cardinals on Sunday where the Silvers put up 9 hits, 3 runs, and 5 walks.

The West Olympia Linxs’ best pitching game was against the Nisqually Silvers on Thursday where they limited the Silvers to just 1 run over 9 innings. Ryan Snyder pitched 5 innings giving up 1 earned run, 7 hits, 2 strikeouts and 2 walks. Seth Gregorich and Micah Donor followed him up having a combined 4 shutout innings giving up only 1 hit and1 walk in the final four innings. Their best hitting performance came in their first game against the Olympia Athletics on Saturday where the Linxs’ hitters got 5 runs off of 5 hits and 4 walks.

Lastly we have the Lacey Saints; their best pitching performance came against the Brewers in their first game of the double header on Saturday. Mike McCall pitched 4 shutout innings with 5 strikeouts, 3 hits and 3 walks. Followed up by Matt Bereiter; who completed the shutout in the final 3 innings with 2 strikeouts, 1 hit and 1 walk. The Saints had their best hitting performance in their second game against the Brewers on Saturday, with their hitters getting 10 hits, 3 runs, and 4 walks.

-Ryan Olson





The Olson Update Week 3/4

Three up, three down; as we baseball folk like to say. The third week of the Puget Sound Collegiate League passed this week. As per usual, the week was full of exciting games. This week was the first three-day series between the teams. The series were as followed, the Lacey Saints vs. the Nisqually Silvers, Tumwater Brewers against the Hawks Prairie Cardinals, and the Olympia Athletics vs. the West Olympia Linx.

The Saints and Silvers played their series on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, with their game on Saturday being rained out. However, in the first two games the Saints were victorious over the Silvers. The first game was a 6-3 victory for the Saints behind the combined 4 runs scored of Kyle Pegram and Derek Voigt, with a stellar pitching performance from Colin Nilson. The second game the Saints went ahead two games in the series with a 6-0 win over the Silvers, behind Dusty Kerns and Mark Klick’s combined 4-RBIs.

The Tumwater Brewers went head to head against the Hawks Prairie Cardinals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with their game on Saturday also being rained out. The Cardinals won the series two games to one in three hard fought games against the resilient Brewers. Game one was a 6-4 victory for the Cardinals as they had to scrap for every run; this was helped by Daniel Flahie’s 2 RBIs. However, the second game was controlled from start to finish by the Brewers who evened the series at one game apiece with a 6-0 win over the Cardinals behind a spectacular pitching performance from Patrick Fabrizio, David Gorman and Bradley Bearden who together threw a 3-hit shutout! With the series on the line in game 3, the Cardinals came out strong with a 7-5 victory to win the series behind clutch at bats by their entire team to bring in the runs when it mattered most.

The games between the Olympia Athletics and the West Olympia Linx were on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The Athletics took the series win two games to one in the thrilling three game series this week. In the first game the West Olympia Linx took the win an 8-3 clubbing of the Athletics, who were staggered by the pitching of the West Olympia Linx’s Micah Donor, Chad Schitler, and Jordan Johansen. The second game of this series was won by the Olympia Athletics, 3-2, in arguably one of the most thrilling games of the season so far. The Athletics and Linx were tied at 2 runs apiece after 9 innings, so we went into sudden death which means bases loaded with one out and first team to scores wins, the Linx had the first chance to score the winning run but ended up rolling over to third base where the Athletics’ Sean Murphy made two spectacular plays to keep the ballgame alive. So than the Athletics got their chance to get that game winning run, and they capitalized as Brian Clayton drew a walk-off walk to bring in the winning run! The third game was won 6-1 by the Athletics who seemed like they had new life after the sudden death victory the night before; they won behind another stellar outing from their ace Ryan Smith, followed up by Mike McCormack and Joe Valley.

On Sunday and Tuesday the Athletics went head to head against the Brewers. The Brewers took 2 victories over the Athletics in two very hard fought games by both teams.

On Monday the Cardinals and Silvers had a double header, splitting their series with one win apiece. The Cardinals won the first game 4-1 behind the pitching of Shimpie Sato and Eli Fulton. Game 2 was won by the Silvers as their bats came alive with a 15-3 win behind Brad Fairweather and Cory Bassi’s combined 6 RBIs.

On Sunday and Tuesday the Saints played games against the West Olympia Linx, with the Saints winning both games off of consecutive walk off hits in the 9th inning. The first game was won 4-3 off of Bo Pearson’s walk off hit in the 9th. The second game was won 2-1 off of another walk off hit in the 9th.

On Wednesday the Saints took the field against the Silvers. The two split the series with one win each.

At the break, the Saints are in first place with a league record of 6-2. Behind them tied for 2nd place in the league are the Athletics, Linx, Cardinals, and Brewers with records of 4-4 respectively. The Nisqually Silvers with a record of 2-6 in last place but with their recent win over the Saints they are showing signs they are going to be tough in July.

-Ryan Olson




The Olson Update Week 2

The second week of the Puget Sound Collegiate League has come and gone, and what a great week it was. Teams have now fully formed together and the chemistry is starting to show. This wasn’t more apparent in the first game of the week that found the Nisqually Silvers earning their first victory of the season against the Lacey Saints. The Silvers won behind Jordan Falcon’s 3 for 4 batting performance where he got two singles and a triple with two runs scored and an RBI. He was the fire power behind the Silvers first victory. The Silvers also got a huge pitching performance from Ryan Taylor who picked up the win after a 5-inning outing, followed up by Jeff Walton, Andrei Jankanish, Kyle Ginter and Anthony Klonitsko who picked up the save. Even after the loss though, the Saints Kyle Pegram is still very optimistic with how the Saints have been playing, “I’m happy with the way we’ve been playing. Pitchers have been doing exceptional. We just need to give them more run support. It’s a great group of guys, looking forward to the season ahead.”

With these first two weeks at an end, there has been a great amount of competition. So far there have been twelve games that have been decided by 3 runs or less. Those are the types of games that people love to see; games that come down to wire and make people sit on the edge of the seat until the very last out. There were a few games this week that had the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats till the very end. Such games included the game between the Olympia Athletics and Tumwater Brewers where the Athletics won 4-3 behind the bats of Nikko Saenz and Joshua Smith. Another game was the Hawks Prairie Cardinals and the West Olympia Linx – the Linx won 2-1 behind Justin Dibble’s 7 inning pitching performance. However, the game that I felt showed the greatest competition and determination to win was the game that featured the Olympia Athletics and the Hawks Prairie Cardinals. It came down to the very last out. The Athletics had bases loaded, two outs, down by one! All that was needed was a base hit to take the lead in the top of the 9th; it had not only the crowd on the edge of it seats, but also the coaches and players. However, the Athletics were unable to capitalize on the situation and ended up losing 7-6. Those kinds of games have been the norm during the first two weeks of the PSCL. These games show the kind of competition that show just how great the Puget Sound Collegiate League really is. The Silvers Tanner Romo describes the competition level of the PSCL quite well, “It’s just guys trying to become better players so there is a good competition level because everyone wants to get better.”

The week ended yesterday with 3 double headers against the six teams. The Lacey Saints and Tumwater Brewers started out the day playing their double header at Saint Martin’s University. The Saints beat the Brewers 2-1 in the first game and 1-0 lost the second game. Meanwhile, the Nisqually Silvers were playing the West Olympia Linx at the RAC, now while the Silvers lost both games; they showed a ton of heart in the second game. They nearly pulled off the comeback in the last inning. For the second weekend in a row, the Olympia Athletics were playing the late night double header, this weekend however they were facing the Hawks Prairie Cardinals. The Athletics came out swinging like they never had done before, winning the first game in decisive fashion with a final score of 9-1. However, they weren’t finished hitting, they started the second game out in the same style, winning the game with a final score of 11-2. It was a great day of baseball to end and great week.

At the end of the second week the Linx are in first with a record of 2-0. Saints and A’s are in second with records of 2-1. The Brewers are Cardinals are tied for third with 1-2 records and the Silvers are just behind sitting at 0-2.

-Ryan Olson









The Olson Update Week 1

The beginning of the Puget Sound Collegiate League is among us! This first week of the summer season for any age group is all about sizing up your competition, as well as your own teammates. That first game when you first meet your team, there are a few guys who know each other from school or just from being raised in the same area, but for the most part that day is about getting to know one another. For me the first day was a nervous one, it felt like I was the new kid in school, as if I was the outcast while everyone else already had friends on the team, and I know that I probably wasn’t the only person who thought that way on that first day. Yet, as is life, it was very easy to make friends because the players of the PSCL are all great guys with two things in common, winning and getting to the next stage of competition. The first day of games was a great one with my team, the Olympia Athletics, getting a decisive win against the West Olympia Linx behind the great pitching performance of Ryan Smith from Chemeketa CC. I stayed around and saw the Hawks Prairie Cardinals tear apart the Nisqually Silvers in a lopsided 12-3 victory. The Tumwater Brewers picked up a hard fought win against the Lacey Saints on opening day with Zack Larsen picking up the win and Kegan Duz-Aguilar coming in to shut it down for the save.

Now by the second day of competition the players have all met and gotten to know each other a little bit, they still may be trying to remember everyone’s names but the chemistry between teammates starts to form. The little nuances of baseball start being developed by the players such as what to do when there are 2 strikes, 2 balls, and 2 outs occurs. But mainly you’ve gotten to see what kind of players are on your team and what type of team as a whole you really are. One team that has established itself as a scrappy, never-say-quit team are the Tumwater Brewers who in the second game won 3-1 over the Nisqually Silvers, they simply find ways to win under all circumstances and at the moment are looking like the team to beat this summer. Other scrappy teams in the PSCL so far are the Lacey Saints and Olympia Athletics, both teams battle and find ways to win any way they can. The Hawks Prairie Cardinals, West Olympia Linx, and the Nisqually Silvers I still feel like are trying to figure out just what kind of team they are going to be this summer, but from watching their games I can tell once they establish what team they want to be they will all be very tough to beat and they should all be considered sleeper teams, cause at any moment any or all of them could go off!

So now one week has officially gone by in the PSCL and teammates are starting to give out nicknames and develop customized handshakes. There are still a lot of pieces to be put in place by all the teams but as of right now, it’s looking to be a long, fun-filled summer of baseball! As of right now the Brewers are the team to beat with a record of 4-1, followed closely by the Olympia Athletics, Lacey Saints and West Olympia Linx who are all sitting at 3-2, the Hawks Prairie Cardinals sitting at 1-3, and following up the rear are the Nisqually Silvers, who are off to a slow start in need of a win at 0-4.

-Ryan Olson