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The Thurston County Senators are a team affiliated with the Puget Sound Collegiate League. Their first year of existence coincided with the inaugural year of the college league in 2010.

The team is comprised of former college players, and current PSCL players - the roster is flexible by design. It is the top level of talent you will find in amatuer baseball. There are opportunities for PSCL players to make the Senators roster, based on their performance in the league.

The team plays an independent schedule versus Puget Sound Collegiate League, West Coast League, Pacific International League teams and competes in Canadian tournaments.  June will be the six straight year the Senators have been invited to the prestigious Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament.  The Senators will also be representing the United States in the World Baseball Challenge, held in Prince George B.C.  They will have an opportunity to play Cuba, Japan, Bahamas, China, Canada among other countries.

In the 2014 season 16 Senators moved onto West Coast League rosters during the summer.  Some for short term contracts, others for the remainder of the season.  Josh Moss went on to represent his team in the WCL All-Star game.



2015 Thurston County Senators SCHEDULE & ROSTER

2015 Overall Record:

Head Coach: Lance Baker

2014 Overall Record: 20-10

Head Coach: Matt Smith/William Loza

2013 Overall Record: 27-5

Head Coach: Matt Smith

2012 Overall Record: 16-9; 3rd Place in Canada Day Blast in Kelowna, 4th in Kamloops International Tournament, 4th at the Grand Forks Invitational.

Head Coach: Spencer Stark | Assistants: Paul Gehring, Nate O'Bryan

Grand Forks All-Tournament Team - Parker Guinn (DH), Shane Schoeneberg (1B)

2011 Overall Record: 17-7-2; 2nd Place in Kelowna, 6th at GFI

Head Coach: Scott Kelly | Assistants: Spencer Stark, Paul Gehring

Grand Forks All-Tournament Team - Jon Poch (2B), Mac Acker (OF)

2010 Overall Record: 2-1 at Bend, 4th Place in Kelowna, 7th at GFI

Head Coach: Scott Kelly | Floating Assistants: Matt Acker, Abe Lupkin, Joe Dominiak

Grand Forks All-Tournament Team - Jon Poch (2B)