Fall Ball Teams PDF 

Tum Tumwater
Tline Timberline
Yelm Yelm
Oly Olympia
NT North Thurston
Shel Shelton
Tline 2 Timberline
Beth Bethel
Rog Rogers
DJ Diamond Jaxx




SL Spanaway Lake
Vash Vashon
GH Gig Harbor
Cross Cross Cutters




Ona Onalaska
Oly JV Olympia
NT JV North Thurston
SS1 South Sound 1
SS2 South Sound 2
Cap Capital
Beth JV Bethel
Rog JV Rogers


· HS rules apply

· EH is allowed or Bat the Lineup for league games

High School substitution rules in the tournament

· Courtesy runner required for catcher or pitcher with two outs, 90 seconds between innings

· Positive behavior by players, coaches and parents is required

· 7 inning games, in case of a tie use the PSCL Tie Breaker. Bases loaded 1 out. Keep going until we have a winner.

· Must wear molded spikes or turf shoes @ the RAC

· Wood bats or BBCOR approved bats


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